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Antique Museum Kochi

We have been in the antique business for more than two decades and have progressively grown to earn a reputation as a reliable partner for serious antique collectors the world over.

Being in the Antique business, we have, over time, procured and restored many rare and priceless artifacts from the bygone era. Since 2006, we have collected and maintained over a 1000 items of immense value and history.

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What is an
SLR Exhibition?

Fine Arts Emporium initiates and maintains various exhibitions for creating awareness among people about antiques and heritage of our country. Antique Museum Kochi is an extension of this concept of Fine Arts Emporium. To this day people from all over the world come to our museum to take in its bohemian chic atmosphere and to find something genuine and unique.

Some of the items showcased in the exhibition include, 8000 years old Bushman Stones (similar to those showcased at the British Museum), 5000 years old Neolithic Axe Heads, 3000 year old Nannangadi (Burial Urns), Terracotta Pottery collected from the Burial Urns, 2000 years old Temple Offerings made of Terracotta, Granite and Copper, collected from the Muzuris River, 1300 years old Monk Spade which was carried by Buddhist Monks dirung their travels, 800 years old Bronze Pots of the Chola period, used to safegaurd gold underground, 15th Century Cannon Ball, made of Iron & Lead used by Tipu Sultan's army, 15th Century Stone Cannon Ball, used by Kunjali Marakar, the great muslim commander of the Zamurin, the Hindu King of Malabar, against the Portugese Vasco 'De Gama to destroy his ships,


Ancient iron weaponary used by the soldiers of the various Kingdoms, 120 years old Kerosene Fan that works on pistons, powered by a Kerosene Lamp, 90 years old Kerosene Fridge, 90 years old Kerosene Ironbox, Centuries old Royal letter written by the young Prince Ravi Verma to his brother about the upkeep of the Royal Stables, 80 years old Traditional Kerala Artform (Kathakali/ Theyam) Costumes, Stone Age Weapons, Scultures from Churches of the bygone era, Victorian Furniture, Ancient Agricultural Equipment, Ancient Household items, Attappady Tribes’ Musical Instruments and other such archeological collections.

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